Mission Statement

We mobilize the community to help artists and musicians in need.

Our Framework

The Arts Miracle Alliance is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Public Charity based in the Southwest Florida area. We feel that “The Arts” constitutes the life blood and conscience of society and that a need exists to support local artists and musicians, not just in our community, but as far as we can reach in our connected world. We hope to provide more venues for promotion and exposure locally, and to provide a “safety net” when catastrophic events occur in the lives of artists globally. We dream of offering benefits to artists and musicians for medical need and to offer scholarships to deserving high school students who plan to pursue studies in art and music. Join with us and make our hopes and dreams, as well as those of musicians and artists in need, come to life. Anyone who would like to contribute to our mission, through volunteering or donations, should contact Jimmy Palone, our Executive Director, jimmylpalone@gmail.com or feel free to use our secure link to PayPal for online donations.

Our Purpose

  1. To promote and increase exposure for local artists and musicians in Southwest Florida.
  2. To provide for the relief (in whole or in part) of catastrophic medical expenses for any artists and musicians in need.
  3. To provide scholarships for education of young artists and musicians
  4. To provide for the replacement of lost or damaged musical instruments, equipment, art, or artists supplies due to natural disasters.

A Letter from the Editor

---Repost from Facebook---

I wanted to take a minute and say something. I don’t usually post status updates, but I’ve become involved with this start up charity with my family and wanted to talk about it.

My parents started this idea several months ago and, frankly, I was uninterested. It is a charity to provide scholarships and medical cost help to artists and musicians in need. I said I’d put up a basic website, but didn’t plan on doing much more. I didn’t really want to be involved.

As I worked, I got more interested. I had no idea why. Some of it was just creative, but that wasn’t the main reason. I’ve spent the last few weeks thinking about it.

I decided it was JJ. Most of my friends come from similar places so many of you were also his friend - or more. Jay was one of my closest and oldest friends and I watched him push to get a degree and push to find work as an artist. I watched him fight depression and fight cancer. I cried when he lost his leg and when he lost his life. I cry now.

We did about as much as we personally could to help him – and I’m sure many others did as well, but what if I had been involved in something like this years ago. Maybe things would be the same, but maybe not. I can only imagine - and regret.

Mostly I’m ambivalent about the people this will benefit, except….Except. Except they are Someone’s friend too. Or brother. Or sister. Or child. Or parent. And maybe I’m also Someone’s friend. And what happens when I’m Someone again? Or maybe just can’t stand the thought of anyone going through what we went through if I can stop it.

I know many of you are artists. Even if you have moved on to something else, you may still be an artist in your heart. If you would like to donate good wishes, money, or even tissues for when I cry again. Feel free to let me know or visit our web site. Regardless I would appreciate if anyone who has the time will spread our information as far as possible and ask your other friends to do so also. Whether it is this post, our web site, or one of our social media pages any publicity will help Someone – someday.

- Gary Allred, Vice-President Arts Miracle Alliance